RECOMMENDED ARTICLES: "The 21st-Century Skill Set for Architects" & "Celebrating the History of BIM"

I have a tendency to save a lot of articles to an app called Pocket for reading later, but then never getting around to reading them.  Every once in a while, I get on this kick where I try to read 3 articles a day to catch-up on my list.  To make this easier, I actually use a tool called ReadRuler that will tag an article on Pocket with the length of time it’ll take to read it.  This allows me to pick the articles I know I have time to read, from beginning to end, at any given moment.

Anyway, the first of two recommendations is from Architect Magazine, and was originally posted back on June 2nd, 2015, called The 21st-Century Skill Set for Architects, by Alice Liao  Despite being over two years old, the article could have been published today, and not have a single word altered.  It discusses six essential skills and has various quotes by fellow Design Technology specialists David Fano (of WeWork) and Michael Kilkelly, AIA (of Space Command).  The essential skill that has been circling the back of my own mind for many, many (many) years is coding.

The second article is from AEC Magazine, and was originally posted on May 25th of this year, called Celebrating the History of BIM.  While initially about a talk given by Dr. Jonathan Ingram in March at Develop3D Live, about origins of “intelligent 3D systems for the built environment”, the most interesting part of the article was a rebuttal by Dr. Irwin Jungreis (one of the founders of Revit).  He talks about the development of Revit being from “the ground up”, and not based off of an earlier product called Reflex.